Worn once,

Cherished forever.

Your wedding dress, morning suit or bridesmaids dresses are cherished memories, keep them
and protect them forever with our specialist Bridal Service.


Bridal Service

Your wedding dress is probably one of the most treasured items of clothing you own. Rest assured, we will treat your special dress with the utmost care and professionalism.

All bridal gowns are cleaned and finished by hand on site at our premises.

Please make an appointment beforehand and you can speak in person to a member of staff who will be cleaning your dress.

In fact, we encourage you to come in and talk it through with us as we can often get a better cleaning result the more we know about any marks or problem areas.

We can also present your cleaned dress in beautiful hand-made preservation boxes designed to prevent it from fading, damage and ageing. The boxes we use are made from pH neutral board and tissue and provide a safe, protective environment approved by textile experts.

Protecting memories


We understand that your wedding dress is an important part of your big day. This should also extend to protecting the memories, as well as the dress for years to come.



Working with delicate, detailed fabrics requires expertise and we have many years experience of doing this. Whether you require us to remove a particular make-up, food or drink-related stain, or provide a full post-wedding cleaning and heirloom service – we can help.

We inspect,

then we inspect again


Prior to cleaning, your dress goes through a thorough inspection to determine any staining which may be present. This staining is pre-treated as necessary before the dress is delicately dry cleaned.



After cleaning we again inspect the dress to ensure we’re happy with the stain removal before the dress is meticulously pressed by hand.

Preserving your dress


We always recommend your dress is packed in one of our handmade boxes so as to preserve your dress in the best possible way. The dress is wrapped generously in acid free tissue paper before being gently folded into the box. The Waterloo Bridal service will give you the reassurance you need.

The boxes we use are made from specially milled pH neutral board, preventing any item inside from yellowing or discolouration so you can be confident your dress will look just as good, 25 years down the line.


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Protect precious memories